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Foreign Exchange

RHB Bank has a wide range of Over the Counter (OTC) foreign currency products to meet your international trade and personal needs. In addition to that, we also provide the means for money changing businesses, available at our Bureau de Change (BdC) to cater for your requirements.

The type of products and services offered includes:

Counter Rates

Sales & purchase of foreign Telegraphic Transfers & Demand Drafts (for 23 currency types) and Travellers Cheques at competitive rates. Available at all RHB Bank branches and BdCs.

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FX Special Rates and Forward Rates

FX Special Rates - Value Today, Tom, Spot (2 business day delivery)

FX Forward Rates - 3 days or more (Fixed Forward and Single Option Date contracts)

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Foreign Currency Notes (FCN)

Foreign Currency Notes Quotation (29 currency types at Bureau de Change)

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Physical Gold Dealings

London good delivery bars of 99.99% purity available at RHB Bank Penang and KL Main 2

32.148oz (1 kilogram) per bar. Quotation is in RM/kg

Millennium gold coins

Bureau de Change (BdC)

10 conveniently located BdCs quoting up to 29 major currencies at competitive buying and selling rates for foreign currency notes and Travellers Cheques. Services available are sales & purchase of foreign currency notes and Travellers Cheques, and encashment of credit cards.

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Multi Currency Account (MCA)

RHB Multi Currency Account is the only interest-bearing account that offers customers the opportunity to hold up to 17 foreign currencies and precious metals such as Gold and Silver investment in ONE account.

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MCA Precious Metals Investment

The RHB MCA Precious Metals Investment basically allows company or Individual to invest in paper form of precious metals that is Gold and Silver. With RHB MCA, customers can now invest in Gold and/or Silver alongside 17 foreign currency deposits, making RHB MCA truly a diversified ONE account.

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For more information, please contact us. You can also visit any of our branches for assistance.