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A Mudharabah General Investment Account-i (MGIA-i) is a term deposit based on the concept of profit-sharing. Under this concept, customer will provide the capital for the bank to invest for a fixed duration. The profit earned from the investment will be shared as dividends between customer and the bank according to the predetermined mutually agreed Profit Sharing Ratio (PSR).


Individual Accounts
Individual Joint Accounts
Sole Proprietorship and Partnership
Societies and Associations
Business Entities
Non Interbank Money Market Participants
Government Institutions

Initial Deposit

1 month – Minimum amount is RM5,000-00
2 to 60 months – Minimum amount is RM500-00

Tenure 1 to 60 Months
Features & Benefits
  • Attractive profit-sharing ratio
  • Flexible tenure
  • Internet Banking services
  • 24-hour Customer Care Centre
  • 24-hour Cheque & Cash Deposit Terminals