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Get RHB Personal Financing for an ideal lifestyle! For as low as RM57.54* per month, get RM2,000 and more! Sign up now to enjoy these key benefits:

  • Stretch it out to 7 years
  • Repayment period from 1 to 5 years
  • Financing amount from RM2,000 to RM150,000
  • Financing amount capping and Interest Rates as below

Affordable monthly instalment

Category Loan Amount Capping Interest Rate from (p.a.)
Minimum Maximum
Tier 1 RM2,000 RM10,000 13.45%*
Tier 2 RM11,000 RM50,000 11.66%*
Tier 3 RM51,000 RM99,000 9.91%*
Tier 4 RM100,000 RM150,000 8.18%*

*The rates stated above are based on a flat rate and vary according to the repayment period from 12 months onwards.
Tier 1: from 13.45%p.a. flat that is equivalent to EIR 24% p.a;
Tier 2: from 11.66% p.a. flat that is equivalent to EIR 21% p.a.;
Tier 3: from 9.91% p.a. flat that is equivalent to EIR 18% p.a.;
Tier 4: from 8.18% p.a. flat that is equivalent to EIR 15% p.a.
The EIR (effective interest rate) may be higher if the monthly payment is not reqular.