Current Account

Guidelines on the Imposition of Cheque Processing Fee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Cheque Processing Fee

Cancellation of long outstanding uncollected cheque book after issuing of reminder RM26.50 per cheque book
Cheque returned due to

insufficient fund

due to post dated
RM159 per cheque
RM10.60 (on payee’s account)
Reclearing of cheques RM53 per cheque
Interest on Overdrawn Amount (TOD) Min : RM5 *
Max : BLR + 3.5%
Service charge on dormant account For dormant accounts with balances of up to RM10.60, the account is closed and the amount absorbed as a charge.

For dormant accounts with balances more than RM10.61, an annual service fee of RM10.60 is charged until the remaining balances are sent to unclaimed monies.
Service charge Current Account (without OD facility)
Monthly RM5.30 is levied on account if daily average balance is below RM1,000.

Current Account (with OD facility)
Half yearly RM10.60 is levied on account if daily average balance is below RM1,000 in the preceding 6 months.

MaxCash Account
Three free withdrawals per month. A service charge of RM5.30 per transaction will be levied for subsequent withdrawals / debits during the month. RM5.30 is levied on daily average balance below RM1,000.

My1 Account
RM15.90 annual fee. Monthly RM5.30 is levied on account if average daily balance is below RM5,000.
Audit confirmation

With facilities

Without facilities

Mandate form RM10 stamp duty *
RM10.60 service charge
Stop payment cheque

Upon Instruction

Upon cheque returned (sufficient fund)

Upon cheque returned (insufficient fund)

RM21.20 per cheque

RM10.60 per cheque

RM159 per cheque
Photocopies of cheques, pay-in-slips, advices and cheque images
RM10.60 per document
Request for changes of signatories/conditions for Current Account
RM10.60 per account
Stamp duty On Letter of Indemnity RM10*
Intrabank Fund Transfer via instruction (account to account other than payroll services) RM5.30 per transaction
Cheque Processing fee RM0.53 per piece
Coins deposit

(Individual & SME customers will be exempted)
RM3.20 Service charge for deposit from RM1,000 to RM3,000

RM5.30 service charge for deposit more than RM3,000

* Not applicable for Basic Current Account
Changing of coins

(Individual & SME customers will be exempted)
RM8.50 per bag

Loose coins : RM1.05 for every RM50
Third party encashment of Pre-printed "Account Payee Only" crossing cheque RM2.12 charge to drawers' account for each third party encashment

Third party encashment on cheque with MICR code 16 is waived (Government cheques).
Bulk cash deposits

(Individual & SME customers will be exempted)
1st 1,000 pieces no charge.
Multiple of 1,000 pieces,a service charge of RM10.60 up to a maximum of RM530 will be charged on current account only.
Closure of Current Account RM20 on current account closed within 6 months *
RM10.60 on Current Account closed after 6 months

MaxCash Account
RM20 on account closure within 3 months from the date it is opened.*
Inward cheque returned RM10.60 courier charges
(To courier to customer's address)